pre-conference: saturday, june 8

Early Career Professional Development/Training Session —KC Theatre
7:30 am Pre-Conference Registration—Pre-function Gallery near KC Theatre
8:00 am Tina Barrett and Dwight Raab. (These sessions are continued on Sunday afternoon)
Focus of this training is for new staff. The sessions will include the basics of farm tax preparation and planning (Schedule F, depreciation, sale of assets). Also to be covered will be the basics of farm analysis with emphasis on accrual accounting, balance sheets, income statements and Farm Financial Standards.
5:00 pm Adjourn
evening The cost for a group outing to include spouses⁄guests⁄families of those attending the training, will be provided by NAFBAS.

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sunday, june 9

9:00 AM NFRBMEA Board Meeting —Scottsdale
10:00 AM Conference Registration Staff Preparation —Phoenix & Pre-function Gallery
1:00 PM Conference Registration Begins —Pre-function Gallery
  Early Career Professional Development/Training Session —KC Theatre
 —Continued from Saturday
2:00 PM NAFBAS Board Meeting —Phoenix
  NCFME Committee Meeting (2 – 6 pm) —Dallas
3:00 PM NFRBMEA Past Presidents' Meeting —Scottsdale
4:00 PM NAFBAS/NFRBMEA Joint Board Meeting —Scottsdale
6:30 PM Evening Dinner —Ballroom & DoubleTree Courtyard Area
 —KC-style BBQ, Jazz Quintet, & short presentation by KC Area CVB
8:00 PM Adjourn
  2014 Conference Planning Committee Meeting —Phoenix
8:30 pm Conference Registration ends for the day

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monday, june 10

Spouse-Family Day— Steamboat Arabia Museum & Crown Plaza Area
7:00 AM Breakfast at Hotel —Dallas⁄Houston
7:10 AM First-Timers' Meeting (sit at marked tables during breakfast)
7:30 AM Registration Continues —Pre-function Gallery
8:05 AM “Welcome to the 2013 Conference” —Monterey⁄Seattle I & II
  —Jim Huschka, NAFBAS President
  —Doug Wertish, NFRBMEA President
8:30 AM Staff Member of U.S. Senator Jerry Moran
9:00 AM “Business⁄Succession⁄Estate Planning – Important Issues, Both the Common & the New”
  —presentation by Roger McEowen
10:00 AM BREAK
10:30 AM “Business⁄Succession⁄Estate Planning …” (continued)
 Roger McEowen
12:00 pm Lunch at Hotel —Dallas⁄Houston
  —Presentation by William Nelson, CHS, Conference Sponsor
1:00 PM Concurrent Session: “Update on Ag Law & Tax Issues” —Monterey
 Roger McEowen
  Concurrent Session: “Farm Leasing Issues Symposium” —Seattle I & II
 —Moderator: William Edwards, Iowa State University
 •  Kevin Dhuyvetter, Kansas State University:
Transitioning From Crop Share to Cash Leases– Ethical & Economic Issues
 •  Barry Ward, Ohio State University:
Providing Data on Cash Rental Rates for Farmland– a Comparison of NASS & University Surveys
 •  William Edwards, Iowa State University:
Setting Rental Terms for Agricultural Buildings & Facilities
3:00 PM Paper Presentations, Round 1: —KC Theatre, Dallas, Houston & Scottsdale
Three short topics per hour in each room, these abbreviated presentations (20 min) will showcase successful educational programs, applied research results, educational & management tools, and teaching techniques. Author and contact information will be included in conference proceeedings, and possibly presentation material. —see Monday's schedule of presentations & abstract summaries
3:00 PM Breakout Session: Q&A Regarding Tax, Estate, Succession Issues (1 hr) —Monterey
 Roger McEowen
4:00 PM Paper Presentations, Round 2 —KC Theatre, Dallas, Houston & Scottsdale
—see Monday's schedule of presentations & abstract summaries
5:00 PM Adjourn, Evening on Your Own (Kansas City Royals in town vs. Detroit Tigers)

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tuesday, june 11

6:00 AM Vendor Set-up —Pre-function Gallery
 —Clay Simons, Coordinator
7:00 AM Breakfast at Hotel —Dallas⁄Houston
8:00 AM “History of Farm Policy—Future of Farm Policy” —Monterey⁄Seattle I & II  
Brad Lubben, University of Nebraska–Lincoln
9:00 AM “Risk Management Outlook”
Art Barnaby, Kansas State University
10:00 AM BREAK- Visit with Vendors
10:30 AM Q & A with Brad & Art
11:00 AM “Recent Developments in Nutrient Management Technology” (and related technology issues)
 Don Borgman, Director, Industry Relations, North America, John Deere
12:00 pm Lunch at Hotel —Dallas⁄Houston
  2014 Conference Planning Committee Presentation
 —Jay D. Olsen
1:00 PM Paper Presentations, Round 3 —KC Theatre, Seattle I & II, & Scottsdale
—see Tuesday's schedule of presentations & abstract summaries
2:00 PM Paper Presentations, Round 4 —KC Theatre, Seattle I & II, & Scottsdale
—see Tuesday's schedule of presentations & abstract summaries
  NAFBAS State Coordinators' Meeting —Tucson
3:30 PM NAFBAS Committee Meetings —Seattle I & II
  NFRBMEA Business Meeting —Dallas⁄Houston
  NC Extension Educators: Open discussion of Risk Management Education Proposals: Ag Lease 101 & 2013 Farm Bill —Monterey
4:30 PM Adjourn
5:00 PM Evening Catered Meal —National Agricultural Center & Hall of Fame, Bonner Springs, KS
The facility is specially opened for our group from 2 – 8 PM. Those from our group can go to the Center any time after 2 PM.
8:00 PM Return to Hotel or Activity On Your Own

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wednesday, june 12

7:30 AM Breakfast at Hotel (ends at 8:30) —Dallas⁄Houston⁄Monterey
 (Spouse⁄Family Registration includes this meal)
7:45 AM
- 9:15 AM
Load Tour Buses —Pre-function Gallery near Banquet Entrance
See Tours page for descriptions.
Load Bus
Tour Leaves
1: Bayer Animal Health 8:45 AM 9:00 AM
2: Federal Reserve Bank 8:15 AM 8:30 AM
3: Kansas City Board of Trade 8:00 AM 8:15 AM
4: World War I Museum 9:00 AM 9:15 AM
5: Harley–Davidson Motorcycles 7:45 AM 8:00 AM
6: Brock Grain Systems 8:45 AM 9:00 AM
7: Garmin International 8:45 AM (vans/cars) 9:00 AM
11:30 AM Lunch at K-State Olathe Campus (KCBOT, Garmin, Harley–Davidson & Federal Reserve Bank tours)
12:15 PM Lunch at K-State Olathe Campus (WWI Museum, Bayer Animal Health & Brock Grain Systems tours)
12:45 PM
& 1:30 PM
Presentation: A look at K-State Olathe's bioscience & technology activities and research related to animal health, food safety and security
1:45 PM Return to Hotel (KCBOT, Garmin, Harley–Davidson & Federal Reserve Bank tours)
2:30 PM Return to Hotel (WWI Museum, Bayer Animal Health & Brock Grain Systems tours)
3:00 pm NAFBAS Business Meeting —Houston
  NFRBMEA Business Meeting —Seattle I & II
4:00 pm Adjourn – Evening On Your Own

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thursday, june 13

7:00 AM Denny Jackson Storytelling Breakfast —Dallas⁄Houston
8:15 AM “Macro & Ag Outlook” —Monterey⁄Seattle I & II
 Brian Briggeman, Kansas State University
9:45 AM “Current Situation and Credit Quality of Farms” —Monterey⁄Seattle I & II
 Allen Featherstone, Kansas State University
11:00 AM Adjourn Conference
  NFRBMEA Post-Conference Board Meeting —KC Theatre
noon Hotel Checkout Deadline

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